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D.T. Lamb

Righteous Jehu and his evil Heirs. The Deuteronomist`s Negative Perspective on Dynastic Succession

David T. Lamb examines not only the dynasty of Jehu within the narrative of 2 Kings, but also the broader context of the dynasties of Israel and Judah in the books of Kings and Samuel. Lamb discusses religious aspects of kingship (such as anointing, divine election, and prayer) in both the Old Testament and in the literature of the ancient Near East. He concludes that the Deuteronomistic editor, because of a deep concern that leaders be divinely chosen and obedient to Yahweh, sought to subvert the monarchical status quo by shaping the Jehuite narrative to emphasize that dynastic succession disastrously fails to produce righteous leaders. 

 euro 94,50                        BESTEL

Oxford Theological Monographs, Oxford UP, 2007, geb, 304 pp, ISBN: 9780199231478.

S. Dalley

Esthers Revenge at Susa: From Sennacherib to Ahasuerus

Why are the names of the chief characters in the biblical Book of Esther those of Mesopotamian deities? Stephanie Dalley argues that the narrative reflects real happenings in seventh-century Assyria, where the widespread belief that revenge belongs to the gods explains why Assyrian kings described punitive campaigns as divine acts, leading to the mythologizing of certain historical events. Ashurbanipals sack of Susa, led by the deities Ishtar and Marduk, underlies the Hebrew story of Esther, and that story contains traces of the cultic calendar of Ishtar-of-Nineveh. Dalley traces the way in which the long-term settlement of lost tribes in Assyria, revealed by the fruits of excavation in Iraq and Syria, inspired a blend of pagan and Jewish traditions. 

euro 87,50                        BESTEL

Oxford UP, 2007, geb, 280 pp, ISBN: 9780199216635.

S. Gathercole

The Gospel of Judas

Judas is synonymous with traitor. But a newly-discovered ancient text of the Gospel of Judas offers a picture of Judas Iscariot radically different from the Churchs traditional understanding of him, and maintains that far from being the infamous betrayer, Judas was actually Jesus trusted friend and the recipient of secret revelation. This book includes a translation of the ancient Egyptian text of the Gospel of Judas and a running commentary, and offers new translations of all the ancient evidence about Judas Iscariot and the Gospel attributed to him. It looks at why the group which produced the work were in such bitter conflict with the mainstream Christian church, and shows how the document provides us with a window into the turbulent world of Christianity and Gnosticism in the century after Jesus.

euro 31,-                        BESTEL

Oxford UP, 2007, geb, 199 pp, ISBN: 9780199225842.

A. Terian

The Armenian Gospel of the Infancy

The various versions of the Infancy Gospels illustrate how stories about the Virgin and Child lend themselves to be told and retold - much like the stories in the canonical Gospels. This first translation of the full text of the Armenian Gospel of the Infancy, itself derived from a sixth-century Syriac text that no longer exists, provides two variants of the famous narrative and several recensions or ancient editions. Stories about Jesus, many of them unique to this gospel, are included to show how he exercised his sovereign and divine will even as a child. This edition also contains three early Armenian versions of the Protevangelium of James, which with other ancient sources dependent on it (like the Infancy Gospel of Thomas and the Gospel of Pseudo-Matthew) constitute the basic tradition in the formation of the later Infancy Gospels. These writings are our earliest sources about the parents of the Virgin Mary (Joachim and Anne) and her miraculous birth. They also form the basis for the dogma of her Immaculate Conception and perpetual virginity after the birth of Jesus, and lay the ground for certain of the Marian feasts celebrated since the fourth century.Terian's engaging introduction and annotation of the texts place this rare document clearly in its cultural and historical context and provide extensive references to the surrounding textual tradition. These extraordinary stories will appeal to all with an interest in the early church. 

euro 92,-                        BESTEL

Oxford UP, 2008, geb, 188 pp, ISBN: 9780199541560.

D. W. Kling

The Bible in History. How the Texts Have Shaped the Times

David Kling traces the fascinating story of how specific biblical texts have at different times emerged to be the inspiration of movements that have changed the course of history. By examining eight such pivotal texts, Kling elucidates the ways in which sacred texts continue to shape our lives as well as our history. Among the passages he discusses are: * Upon this rock I will build my church (Matthew 16:18), which inspired the formation of the papacy and has served as its foundation for centuries * The righteous will live by faith (Romans 1:17), which caught the imagination of Martin Luther and sparked the Protestant Reformation * Go to Pharaoh and say to him, Thus says the Lord: Let my people go, so that they may worship me (Exodus 8:1), which has played an important and diverse role in African American history from early slave spirituals through the modern civil rights movement and beyond * There is no longer Jew or Greek, there is no longer slave or free, there is no longer male and female; for all of you are one in Christ Jesus (Galatians 3:28), which has been adopted by feminists as a rallying cry in the battle for womens ordination. Each of the historical episodes he explores, from the beginning of Christian monasticism to the emergence of Pentecostalism, is evidence of the dynamic interplay between Scripture and the social and cultural context in which it is interpreted. 

euro 21,90                        BESTEL

Oxford UP, 2006, pap, 389 pp, ISBN:  9780195310214.



Geschiedenis (Antieken tot Modern):

J. Middlemas

The Troubles of Templeless Judah

The time of the Babylonian captivity (c.587-539 BCE) is of seminal importance for the formation of the Hebrew Bible as well as for the religious development of Judaism. Previous studies of this era have usually privileged the perspective of the community of captives (the Golah), and the period is known as the Exilic Age. Jill Middlemas challenges this consensus, arguing that the Golah community represents only one viewpoint, and that the experiences and contributions of the majority of the Judaean population, those who remained in Judah, need to be more fully appreciated.

euro 123,50                        BESTEL

Oxford Theological Monographs, Oxford UP, 2005, geb, 282 pp, ISBN: 9780199283866.

J. Rupke

Fasti Sacerdotum: A Prosopography of Pagan, Jewish, and Christian Religious Officials in the City of Rome, 300 BC to AD 499

This magisterial compilation personalizes and historicizes the history of religion in the city of Rome. After introductory essays on the documentary sources for the various Greek, Roman, Oriental, Jewish, and Christian cults in question, there are yearly lists of religious office-holders of various kinds, followed by 4,000 biographies of individuals who fulfilled ritual, organizational, or doctrinal roles. Concluding chapters discuss important aspects of Roman religion and its relationship with the state. The data assembled here will open up many new perspectives: on the social place of religion and certain cults, on the interplay between different religious groups, and on the organizational history of individual cults. The volume as a whole signifies a major advance in our understanding of ancient religions. 

euro 443,50                        BESTEL

Oxford UP, 2008, geb, 1120 pp, ISBN: 9780199291137.

S. J. Davis

The Cult of St. Thecla, a Tradition of Womens Piety in Late Antiquity

Thecla, a disciple of the apostle Paul, became perhaps the most celebrated female saint and martyr among Christians in late antiquity. In the early church, Theclas example was associated with the piety of women, in particular, with womens ministry and travel. Devotion to Saint Thecla quickly spread throughout the Mediterranean world: her image was painted on walls of tombs, stamped on clay flasks and oil lamps, engraved on bronze crosses and wooden combs, and even woven into textile curtains. Bringing together literary, artistic, and archaeological evidence, often for the first time, Stephen Davis here reconstructs the cult of Saint Thecla in Asia Minor and Egypt: the social practices, institutions, and artefacts that marked the lives of actual devotees. From this evidence the author shows how the cult of this female saint remained closely linked with communities of women as a source of empowerment and a cause of controversy.

euro 38,-                        BESTEL

Oxford Early Christian Studies, Oxford, 2008, pap, 258 pp, ISBN: 9780199548712.

L. Dysinger

Psalmody and Prayer in the Writings of Evagrius of Ponticus

Evagrius Ponticus was the most prolific writer of the Christian Desert Fathers. This book is a study of his life, works, and theology. It gives particular attention to his little-studied exegetical treatises, especially the Scholia on Psalms, as well as his better-known works, in order to present a more balanced picture of Evagrius the monk. The practice of psalmody in Northern Egyptian monastic communities of the late fourth century is explored, as is Evagrius understanding of psalmodys healing properties, and his recommendation of memorized scripture as a spiritual weapon against temptation. Further chapters discuss Evagrius model of spiritual progress and his use of medical terminology and theory; the logoi of providence and judgement and their use in Christian contemplation; and Evagrius controversial Christology and his work, the Kephalaia Gnostica. 

euro 121,-                        BESTEL

Oxford Theological Monographs, Oxford UP, 2005, geb, 245 pp, ISBN:  9780199273201.

P. Allen (ed)

Sophronius of Jerusalem and Seventh-century Heresy: The Synodical Letter and Other Documents

Sophronius was one of the most influential figures spanning the ecclesiastical troubles in East and West during the sixth to the seventh centuries. Poet, hagiographer, dogmatician, homilist, and liturgist, he was a widely-travelled monastic who had close ties with the see of Rome and an unrivalled knowledge of the workings of the anti-Chalcedonian churches, revealed in his Synodical Letter. Sophronius despatched this epistle to other church leaders when at an advanced age he became patriarch of Jerusalem in AD 634. The letter was read out at the Sixth Ecumenical Council in 680-1, and provided the only sustained rebuttal of the monoenergist doctrine which was used by eastern emperors and church leaders alike as a political strategy to unite Christians in the early Byzantine empire. Pauline Allen provides the first complete annotated translation of the Synodical Letter into a modern language. A comprehensive introduction situates the work in the context of the aftermath of the Council of Chalcedon (AD 451).It is accompanied by a dossier of translated documents by other writers of the time which illustrate the progress of the debate and its political and ecclesiastical repercussions in the first half of the seventh century. 

euro 101,-                        BESTEL

Oxford Early Christian Texts Series, Oxford UP, 2009, geb, 264 pp,  ISBN: 9780199546930.

St. Symeon, H.J.M.Turner (transl)

The Epistles of St Symeon the New Theologian

St Symeon the New Theologian (949-1022) is regarded as one of the most significant figures in Byzantine mysticism. Though a very controversial figure in his own lifetime, he is now revered both in Orthodox and other Christian traditions. After beginning his monastic life while still comparatively young, he became hegumen of the monastery of St Mamas, and held that position for several years. Many of his writings, including the Discourses and Hymns, have appeared in print, but his four epistles have not been published in their entirety until now. In these four letters, besides criticising those contending against him, Symeon writes as a pastor, concerned to give practical moral guidance. He focuses on confession, repentence, and the role of the spiritual father. H. J. M. Turner details the biographic and textual context of this scholarly annotated edition. He uses the previously unpublished Greek text established by Joseph Paramelle to provide an authoritative basis for his translation. Clearly and accessibly presented, these letters serve to reinforce our understanding of Symeons life and work. 

euro 99,50                        BESTEL

Oxford Early Christian Texts, Oxford UP, 2009, geb, 195pp, ISBN: 9780199546633.

M.G. Pegg

A Most Holy War: The Albigensian Crusade and the Battle for Christendom

In January of 1208, a papal legate was murdered on the banks of the Rhone in southern France. A furious Pope Innocent III accused heretics of the crime and called upon all Christians to exterminate heresy between the Garonne and Rhone rivers, a vast region now known as Languedoc, in a great crusade. This most holy war, the first in which Christians were promised salvation for killing other Christians, lasted twenty bloody years: it was a long savage battle for the soul of Christendom. In A Most Holy War, historian Mark Pegg has produced a swift-moving, gripping narrative of this horrific crusade, drawing in part on thousands of testimonies collected by inquisitors in the years 1235 to 1245. Pegg argues that generations of historians (and novelists) have misunderstood the crusade; they assumed it was a war against the Cathars, the most famous heretics of the Middle Ages. The Cathars, Pegg reveals, never existed. He further shows how a millennial fervor about cleansing the world of heresy, coupled with a fear that Christendom was being eaten away from within by heretics who looked no different than other Christians, made the battles, sieges, and massacres of the crusade almost apocalyptic in their cruel intensity. In responding to this fear with a holy genocidal war, Innocent III fundamentally changed how Western civilization dealt with individuals accused of corrupting society. This fundamental change, Pegg argues, led directly to the creation of the inquisition, the rise of an anti-Semitism dedicated to the violent elimination of Jews, and even the holy violence of the Reconquista in Spain and in the New World in the fifteenth century. All derive their divinely sanctioned slaughter from the Albigensian Crusade. Haunting and immersive, A Most Holy War opens an important new perspective on a truly pivotal moment in world history, a first and distant foreshadowing of the genocide and holy violence in the modern world.

euro 22,-                        BESTEL

Pivotal Moments in World History Series, Oxford UP, 2008, geb, 284 pp, ISBN: 9780195171310.

C. Morris

The Sepulchre of Christ and the Medieval West. From the Beginning to 1600

The tomb of Christ at Jerusalem was a vital influence in the making of Western Europe. Pilgrimage there influenced the development of society and its structures. The desire to 'bring the Sepulchre to the West' in copies or memorials shaped art and religion, while the ambition to control Christs tomb was a central objective of the crusades. Western Europe responded to the loss of Jerusalem by creating a new pilgrimage to the East, by making kingdoms 'holy lands' for their subjects, and by creating new pilgrim centres at home. This book brings together social, political, and religious themes often considered in isolation. 

euro 114,50                        BESTEL

Oxford UP, 2005, geb, 427 pp, ISBN: 9780198269281

S. Evangelisti

Nuns. A History of Convent Life 1450-1700

Cloistered and inaccessible brides of Christ? Or socially engaged women, active in the outside world to a degree impossible for their secular sisters? Nuns tells the fascinating stories of the women who have lived in religious communities since the dawn of the modern age, their ideals and achievements, frustrations and failures, and their attempts to reach out to the society around them. Drawing particularly on the nuns own words, Silvia Evangelisti explores how they came to the cloister, how they responded to monastic discipline, and how they pursued their spiritual, intellectual, and missionary activities. The book looks not only at the individual stories of outstanding historical figures such as Teresa of Avila but also at the wider picture of convent life - what it symbolized to contemporaries, how it reflected and related to the world beyond the cloister, and what it means in the world today.

van euro 15,90                        BESTEL

Oxford UP, 2008, pap, 301 pp, ISBN: 9780199532056.

K. von Greyerz

Religion and Culture in Early Modern Europe, 1500-1800

In the pre-industrial societies of early modern Europe, religion was a vessel of fundamental importance in making sense of personal and collective social, cultural and spiritual exercises. Developments from this era had immediate impact on these societies, much of which resonates to the present day. In Kaspar von Greyerz overview and interpretation of the religions and cultures of Early Modern Europe he approaches his subject matter with the concerns of a social anthropologist, focusing on religion in its everyday cultural contexts. Concentrating primarily on Central and Western Europe, von Greyerz analyzes the dynamic strengths of early modern religion in three parts. First, he identifies the changes in religious life resulting from the Protestant Reformation and Catholic Counter-Reformation. He then reveals how the dynamic religious climate triggered various radical and separatist movements, such as the Anabaptists, puritans, and Quakers, and how the newfound emphasis on collective religious identity contributed to the marginalization of non-Christians and outsiders. Last, von Greyerz investigates the broad and still much divided field of research on secularization during the period covered. The resulting work delves into the many distinguishing marks of the period: religious reform and renewal, the hotly debated issue of "confessionalism", social inclusion and exclusion, and the increasing fragmentation of early modern religiosity in the context of the Enlightenment. In a final chapter, von Greyerz addresses the question as to whether early modern religion carried in itself the seeds of its own relativization.

euro 83,50                        BESTEL

Oxford UP, 2008, geb, 320 pp, ISBN: 9780195327656.

P. Marshall

Mother Leakey and the Bishop: A Ghost Story

Halloween 1636: sightings of the ghost of an old woman begin to be reported in the small English coastal town of Minehead, and a royal commission is sent to investigate. December 1640: a disgraced Protestant bishop is hanged in the Irish capital, Dublin, after being convicted of an unspeakable crime. In this remarkable piece of historical detective work, Peter Marshall sets out to uncover the intriguing links between these two seemingly unconnected events. The result is a compelling tale of dark family secrets, of efforts to suppress them, and of the ways in which they finally come to light. It is also the story of a shocking seventeenth-century Church scandal which cast its shadow over religion and politics in Britain and Ireland for the best part of three centuries, drawing in a host of well known and not-so-well-known characters along the way, including Jonathan Swift, Samuel Taylor Coleridge, and Walter Scott. A fascinating story in its own right, Mother Leakey and the Bishop is also a sparkling demonstration of how the telling of stories is central to the way we remember the past, and can become part of the fabric of history itself

euro 14,-                        BESTEL

Oxford UP, 2008, pap, 352 pp, ISBN: 9780199532070.

J.R. Ruffin

A Paradise of Reason: William Bentley and Enlightenment Christianity in the Early Republic

William Bentley, pastor in Salem, Massachusetts from 1783 to his death in 1819, had come to unique conclusions about how best to maintain a traditional understanding of Christianity in a world ever changing by the forces of the Enlightenment. Like some of his contemporaries, Bentley preached a liberal Christianity, with its benevolent God and salvation through moral living, but he-and in New England he alone-also preached a rational Christianity, one that offered new and radical claims about the power of God and the attributes of Jesus. Drawing on over a thousand of Bentleys sermons, J. Rixey Ruffin traces the evolution of Bentleys theology. Neither liberal nor deist, Bentley was instead what Ruffin calls a Christian naturalist, a believer in the biblical God and in the essential Christian narrative but also in Gods unwillingness to interfere in nature after the Resurrection. In adopting such a position, Bentley had pushed his faith as far as he could toward rationalism while still, he thought, calling it Christianity. But this book is as much a social and political history of Salem in the early republic as it is an intellectual biography; it not only delineates Bentleys ideas, but perhaps more important, it unravels their social and political consequences. Using Bentleys remarkable diary and a vast archive of newspaper accounts, tax records, and electoral returns, Ruffin brings to life the sailors, widows, captains and merchants who lived with Bentley in the eastern parish of Salem. Ruffin offers a fresh perspective on the formative negotiations between Christianity and the Enlightenment in the years of Americas founding. 

euro 52,-                        BESTEL

Religion in America Series, Oxford UP, 2008, geb, 272 pp, ISBN: 9780195326512.

J. Fisher

Communion of Immigrants: A history of catholics in America

Catholicism has grown from a suppressed and persecuted outsiders religion in the American colonies to become the nation's single largest denomination. James Fisher surveys more than four centuries of Catholics involvement in American history, following the transformation of catholicism into one of Americas most culturaly and ethnically diverse religions. 

euro 18,-                        BESTEL

Oxford, 2008, pap, 182 pp, ISBN: 978019533305.

C. Gribben

Writing the Rapture, Prophecy Fiction in Evangelical America

In this book, Crawford Gribben offers the only full-length history, description, and analysis of the rapture-novel genre. The late 1980s, which saw a renaissance of the evangelical imagination, culminated in the creation of the Left Behind series, co-authored by Tim La Haye and Jerry B. Jenkins. The novels in this series, Gribben shows, are astonishingly derivative, borrowing entire characters and significant incidents from earlier books. Analyzing the unexpected publishing success of the Left Behind novels, he characterizes the series as a barometer of evangelical popular opinion. 

 euro 26,95                        BESTEL

Oxford UP, 2009, geb, 258 pp, ISBN: 9780195326604.

J.R. Lewis & N.M. Levine

Children of Jesus and Mary. The Order of Christ Sophia (OCS)

The Order of Christ Sophia (OCS) is a small New Religion which, in the short span of eight years, has evoked intense controversy. An unusual synthesis of traditional Catholicism, esoteric cosmology, and psychotherapy, the OCS already has centers in a dozen major cities in the United States. Thus far, however, it has eluded the attention of scholars of alternative religions. A schismatic offshoot of an earlier group, the Holy Order of Man, the OCS developed a distinctive set of beliefs and practices that set it apart from the mother faith. It has cultivated some curious and provocative features for a Christian-based religion, including the elevation of women to full participation and status within the evolving sacred order. Its treatment of gender is refreshingly egalitarian; women can be priests, and Mary is deified and given equal status with Jesus. Another unusual feature of the group is its emphasis on psychology and prescription of intensive psychotherapy for all members. Beyond surveying the history, doctrines and practices of this unusual group, Lewis brings data from his study of the OCS to bear on many items of conventional wisdom in the New Religions field. He shows, for example, that far from joining the Order in response to a 'youth crisis,' the average age of new OCS members is 37. This and a number of other characteristics of the OCS membership challenge generally accepted conclusions about recruits to New Religions. Lewis also examines how various theoretical models, such as Rodney Starks influential model of religious success, pan out when applied to the OCS. Lewis shows that although some of Starks postulates are insightful, other aspects of the model are severely deficient. In addition to the six core chapters of the book authored by Lewis, three other experts contribute chapters on: the results of personality and I.Q. tests administered to member; membership attitudes; comparison of OCS with mainstream denominations; and sex roles in the OCS. 

euro 59,-                        BESTEL

Oxford UP, 2010, geb, 261 pp, , ISBN: 9780195378443.

A. P. Barsam

Reverence for Life. Albert Schweitzers Great Contribution to Ethical Thought

Albert Schweitzer maintained that the idea of Reverence for Life came upon him on the Ogowe River as an unexpected discovery, like a revelation in the midst of intense thought. While Schweitzer made numerous significant contributions to an incredible diversity of fields, medicine, music, biblical studies, philosophy and theology, he regarded Reverence for Life as his greatest contribution and the one by which he most wanted to be remembered. Yet this concept has been the subject of a range of distortions and misunderstandings, both academic and popular. In this book, Ara Barsam provides a new interpretation of Schweitzers reverence and shows how it emerged from his studies of German philosophy, Indian religions, and his biblical scholarship on Jesus and Paul. By throwing light on the origin and development of Schweitzers thought, Barsam leads his readers to a closer appreciation of the contribution that reverence makes to current ethical issues. Whereas previous commentators have focused on reverence for life as a philosophical ethic located in that tradition, this book demonstrates that it is in fact Schweitzers theology that provides the hitherto undiscerned foundation for his ethic. Even among those who herald Schweitzer as the one who brought reverence to Christianity, there exists a tendency to underemphasize how his thinking also developed from his pivotal encounter with Indian religions. As Barsam shows, it is impossible to grasp the nature and the significance of Schweitzers contribution without addressing that link. 

euro 43,50                        BESTEL

Oxford UP, 2008, geb, 195 pp,  ISBN: 9780195329551.

T. Greggs

Barth, Origen, and Universal Salvation: Restoring Particularity

Barth, Origen, and Universal Salvation offers a bold new presentation of universal salvation. Building constructively from the third-century theologian, Origen, and the twentieth-century Swiss theologian, Karl Barth, Tom Greggs offers a defence of universalism as rooted in Christian theology, showing this belief does not have to be at the expense of human particularity, freedom, and Christian faith. Examining Barths doctrine of election and Origens understanding of apokatastasis, Greggs proposes that a proper understanding of the eternal salvific plan of God in the person of Jesus Christ points towards universal salvation. The relationship between the work of the Spirit and the Son in salvation is central to this understanding. Universal salvation is grounded in the person of Christ as himself historic and particular, and the Spirit makes the reality of that universal work of Christ present to individuals and communities in the present. The discussion includes creative suggestions for the political and ecclesial implications of such a presentation of salvation. 

euro 82,-                        BESTEL

Oxford UP, 2009, geb, 242 pp, ISBN: 9780199560486.

G.L. Schaab

The Creative Suffering of the Triune God. An Evolutionary Theology

The global reality of suffering and death has demanded an authentic theological response in every era and has impelled debate concerning Gods relationship to suffering and the conceivability of the suffering of God. The scope and impact of this suffering in the last century have driven this debate to acute pitch, demanding how one shall speak rightly of God in view of the suffering that is inherent and inflicted in the cosmos? This book proposes that a truly viable response to cosmic suffering is the recognition that the triune Christian God participates in the very sufferings of the cosmos itself. To support this position, it sets itself within the theology and science dialogue and specifically within the work of scientist and theologian Arthur Peacocke. It develops a female procreative model of the creative suffering of the Triune God, an ecological ethics based on the midwife model of care, and a pastoral model of threefold differentiation of suffering in God as steps toward Christian praxis in response to the mystery of God within the pain, suffering, and death of cosmic existence and human experience. 

euro 71,-                        BESTEL

AAR/Oxford UP, 2007, geb, 237 pp, ISBN: 9780195329124.



A. Samely

Forms of Rabbinic Literature and Thought . An Introduction

Alexander Samely surveys the corpus of rabbinic literature, which was written in Hebrew and Aramaic about 1500 years ago and which contains the foundations of Judaism, in particular the Talmud. The rabbinic works are introduced in groups, illustrated by shorter and longer passages, and described according to their literary structures and genres. Tables and summaries provide short information on key topics: the individual works and their nature, the recurrent literary forms which are used widely in different works, techniques of rabbinic Bible interpretation, and discourse strategies of the Talmud. Key topics of current research into the texts are addressed: their relationship to each other, their unity, their ambiguous and `unsystematic` character, and their roots in oral tradition. 

 euro 91,-                        BESTEL

Oxford UP, 2007, geb, 288 pp, ISBN: 9780199296736.

B.L. Sherwin

Faith Finding Meaning; A Theology of Judaism

Popular books on various aspects of Jewish life and thought are published in substantial numbers. Yet there are few if any that offer a comprehensive, accessible, scholarly presentation of Jewish theology. Byron Sherwin fills this gap, utilizing a novel approach to the subject. The well-documented privatization of American religion is characterized by the desire to identify ones religious faith with a quest for individual, personal meaning. In Judaism this takes the form of rejecting denominational (Reform, Conservative, etc.) affiliation of ethnic identity in favor of an understanding of Jewish identity as inextricably linked to an affirmation of Judaism as a faith. Those embracing this view are increasingly asking two questions: What is Judaism? How does Judaism address my quest for meaning? Available works on Jewish theology largely focus on abstract theological concepts such as the existence and nature of God and are consequently detached from the individual's engagement with existential issues such as the meaning of human existence. Sherwin demonstrates that Jewish theological thinking can be understood as a response to such visceral existential issues and argues that human meaning and fulfillment can be discovered in the application of an authentic Jewish way of thinking and living.

euro 48,25                        BESTEL

Oxford UP, 2009, geb, 207 pp, ISBN: 9780195336238.

M. Clark

Albion & Jerusalem. The Anglo-Jewish Community in the Post-Emacipation Era 1858-1887

Lionel de Rothschilds hard-fought entry into Parliament in 1858 marked the emancipation of Jews in Britain - the symbolic conclusion of Jews campaign for equal rights and their inclusion as citizens after centuries of discrimination. Jewish life entered a new phase: the post-emancipation era. But what did this mean for the Jewish community and their interactions with wider society? And how did Britain's state and society react to its newest citizens? Emancipation was ambiguous. Acceptance carried expectations, as well as opportunities. Integrating into British society required changes to traditional Jewish identity, just as it also widened conceptions of Britishness. Many Jews willingly embraced their environment and fashioned a unique Jewish existence: mixing in all levels of society; experiencing economic success; and organising and translating its faith along Anglican grounds. However, unlike many other European Jews, Anglo-Jews stayed loyal to their faith. Conversion and outmarriage remained rare, and connections were maintained with foreign kin. The community was even willing at times to place its Jewish and English identity in conflict, as happened during the 1876-8 Eastern Crisis - which provoked the first episode of modern antisemitism in Britain. The nature of Jewish existence in Britain was unclear and developing in the post-emancipation era. Focusing upon inter-linked case studies of Anglo-Jewry's political activity, internal government, and religious development, Michael Clark explores the dilemmas of identity and inter-faith relations that confronted the minority in late nineteenth-century Britain. This was a crucial period in which the Anglo-Jewish community shaped the basis of its modern existence, whilst the British state explored the limits of its toleration. 

euro 82,25                        BESTEL

Oxford UP, 2009, geb, 308 pp, ISBN: 9780199562343.

D.W. Lesch

The Arab-Israeli Conflict: A History

* An extensive collection of relevant primary documents * Sidebars highlighting social and cultural history * A glossary of terms * A chronology for quick reference * Comprehensive illustrations, including 17 maps and 17 photos

euro 42,75                        BESTEL

Oxford UP, 2007, pap, 505 pp, ISBN: 9780195172300.





Journey to the Holy Land. A Pilgrim`s Diary

This is the first English translation of Amir Ahmad Alawi's Safar-i-Saadat (1929), an intimate account of the Hajj, the quintessentially Muslim journey. While focusing on the soul-stirring effects of his first hajj, Alawi also catches the anomalies of Saudi life, especially the malpractices, monopolies, and misdeeds that had crept in in the name of commerce. Not only an intimate account of what the individual saw and heard in the course of his travel, the work also records the authors candid commentaries on the social, economic, and political conditions of the places he passed through. The narrative, interspersed with Urdu verses, displays great poetic energy and inherent skill of word-play kept alive by the authors talent of handling comic scenes and expressing ridicule, especially, while referring to colonial officials. A detailed Introduction by Mushirul Hasan and Rakhshanda Jalil, while describing the well-known customs and practices associated with hajj, explores the geo-political situation of Hijaz and the battle for political ascendancy of the House of Saud, to place Alawis account in perspective. The volume also includes a special piece, My Experience of the Hajj of 1916 by J.S. Kadri, information on movement of ships meant for Hajj passengers of 1929, and a glossary.

euro 31,-                        BESTEL

Oxford UP, 2009, geb, 271 pp, ISBN: 9780198063469

R. Aquil

Sufism: Culture and Politics. Afghans and Islam in Medieval North India

Synthesizing current research and using major Persian sources, both printed texts and rare manuscripts, Sufism, Culture, and Politics provides an up to date political history of north India under Afghan rulers in the late fifteenth and early sixteenth centuries. Focusing on interconnections between religion and politics, it also raises questions of paramount concern to an understanding of Islam in medieval north India. 

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Oxford UP, 2007, geb, 268 pp,  ISBN: 9780195685121.

A. Arberry (transl.)

The Koran

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Oxford Worlds Classics, Oxford UP, 1998, pap, 688 pp, ISBN: 9780192835017.

E.E. Curtis

Muslims in America: A Short History

Muslims are neither new nor foreign to the United States. They have been a vital presence in North America since the 16th century. Muslims in America unearths their history, documenting the lives of African, Middle Eastern, South Asian, European, black, white, Hispanic and other Americans who have been followers of Islam. The book begins with the tale of Job Ben Solomon, a 18th century African American Muslim slave, and goes on to chart the stories of sodbusters in North Dakota, African American converts to Islam in the 1920s, Muslim barkeepers in Toledo, the post-1965 wave of professional immigrants from Asia and Africa, and Muslim Americans after 9/11. The book reveals the richness of Sunni, Shi'a, Sufi and other forms of Islamic theology, ethics, and rituals in the United States by illustrating the way Islamic faith has been imagined and practiced in the everyday lives of individuals.

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Oxford UP, 2009, pap, 164 pp, ISBN: 9780195367560.




T. Scaltsas, T. & A.S. Mason (eds.)

The Philosophy of Epictetus

The Stoic philosopher Epictetus has been one of the most influential of ancient thinkers, both in antiquity itself and in modern times. Theodore Scaltsas and Andrew S. Mason present ten specially written papers which discuss Epictetus thought on a wide range of subjects, including ethics, logic, theology, and psychology; explore his relations to his predecessors (including his two philosophical heroes, Socrates and Diogenes the Cynic, as well as the earlier Stoic tradition); and examine his influence on later thinkers. 

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Oxford UP, 2007, geb, 192 pp, ISBN: 9780199233076.

L.A. Seneca,  B. Inwood (ed)

Seneca - Selected Philosophical Letters: Translated with Introduction and Commentary

Senecas Letters to Lucilius are a rich source of information about ancient Stoicism, an influential work for early modern philosophers, and a fascinating philosophical document in their own right. This selection of the letters aims to include those which are of greatest philosophical interest, especially those which highlight the debates between Stoics and Platonists or Aristotelians in the first century AD, and the issue, still important today, of how technical philosophical enquiry is related to the various purposes for which philosophy is practised. In addition to examining the philosophical content of each letter, Brad Inwood's commentary discusses the literary and historical background of the letters and to their relationship with other prose works by Seneca.

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Clarendon Later Ancient Philosophers, Oxford UP, 2007, geb, 448 pp, ISBN: 9780198238942.

T. Hobbes, ( E. Nelson ed)

Translations of Homer: The Iliad and the Odyssey

This volume in the Clarendon Edition of the Works of Thomas Hobbes contains his translations of Homers Iliad and Odyssey, edited by Eric Nelson. Hobbes translated the Homeric poems into English verse during the course of the 1670s, when he was already well into his eighties. These texts constitute his most extensive single undertaking, as well as his last major work. Yet, despite the explosion of interest in Hobbes over the last fifty years, this is the first modern critical edition of the Homer translations. Nelson provides extensive annotation detailing Hobbes interactions with the Greek text of the epics and with other early-modern editions and commentaries, as well a substantial scholarly introduction placing Hobbes enterprise in the wider context of Restoration politics and poetics. Nelson also offers a detailed analysis of the translations themselves, identifying the numerous instances in which Hobbes rewrites the poems in order to bring them into alignment with his views on politics, rhetoric, aesthetics, and theology. Hobbes Iliads and Odysses of Homer, Nelson suggests, should be regarded as a continuation of Leviathan by other means.

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Clarendon Edition of the Works of Thomas Hobbes, Oxford UP, 2008, geb, 848 pp, , ISBN: 9780199262144.

John Locke,  J.R. Milton & P. Milton(eds.)

John Locke. An Essay Concerning Toleration. And Other Writings on Law and Politics, 1667-1683.

J. R. and Philip Milton present the first critical edition of John Lockes Essay concerning Toleration and a number of other writings on law and politics composed between 1667 and 1683. Although Locke never published any of these works himself they are of very great interest for students of his intellectual development because they are markedly different from the early works he wrote while at Oxford and show him working out ideas that were to appear in his mature political writings, the Two Treatises of Government and the Epistola de Tolerantia. The Essay concerning Toleration was written in 1667, shortly after Locke had taken up residence in the household of his patron Lord Ashley, subsequently Earl of Shaftesbury. It has been in print since the nineteenth century, but this volume contains the first critical edition based on all the extant manuscripts; it also contains a detailed account of Lockes arguments and of the contemporary debates on comprehension and toleration. Also included are a number of shorter writings on church and state, including a short set of queries on Scottish church government (1668), Lockes notes on Samuel Parker (1669), and Excommunication (1674). The other two main works contained in this volume are rather different in character. One is a short tract on jury selection which was written at the time of Shaftesburys imprisonment in 1681. The other is A Letter from a Person of Quality, a political pamphlet written by or for Shaftesbury in 1675 as part of his campaign against the Earl of Danby. This was published anonymously and is of disputed authorship; it was first attributed to Locke in 1720 and since then has occupied an uncertain position in the Locke canon. This volume contains the first critical edition based on contemporary printed editions and manuscripts and it includes a detailed account of the Letters composition, authorship, and subsequent history. 

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The Clarendon Edition of the Works of John Locke, Oxford UP, 2010, pap, 458 pp, ISBN: 9780199575732.

D. Hume, T. Beauchamp (ed)

A Dissertation on the Passions. The Natural History of Religion

In this volume, Tom Beauchamp presents two essays from Four Dissertations (1757), the last philosophical work written by Hume, which was subsequently revised by the philosopher in the remaining years of his life. Whilst the bulk of A Dissertation on the Passions was extracted from passages in A Treatise of Human Nature, The Natural History of Religion was an original work when published in 1757, as well as the only major work devoted exclusively to the subject of religion that Hume published in his lifetime. Together with Humes earlier work on religious topics, this essay drew considerable philosophical commentary from his contemporaries. The last edition of the two works in this volume seen through the press by Hume himself appeared in 1772. It provides the copy-text for this critical edition. The Editor's primarily historical Introduction discusses the genesis, revision, and reception of these two dissertations, which went into ten editions at the author's hand

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The Clarendon Edition of the Works of David Hume, Oxford, 2009, pap, 317 pp, , ISBN: 9780199575749.

C. Janaway

Beyond Selflessness: Reading Nietzsches Genealogy

Christopher Janaway presents a full commentary on Nietzsches most studied work, On the Genealogy of Morality, and combines close reading of key passages with an overview of Nietzsches wider aims. Arguing that Nietzsches goal is to pursue psychological and historical truths concerning the origins of modern moral values, Beyond Selflessness differs from other books on Nietzsche in that it emphasizes the significance of his rhetorical methods as an instrument of persuasion. Nietzsches outlook is broadly naturalist, but he is critical of typical scientific and philosophical methods for their advocacy of impersonality and suppression of the affects. In contrast to his opponents, Schopenhauer and Paul Ree, who both account for morality in terms of selflessness, Nietzsche believes that our allegiance to a post-Christian morality that centres around selflessness, compassion, guilt, and denial of the instincts is not primarily rational but affective: underlying feelings, often ambivalent and poorly grasped in conscious thought, explain our moral beliefs. The Genealogy is designed to detach the reader from his or her allegiance to morality and prepare for the possibility of new values. In addition to examining how Nietzsches perspectivism holds that one can best understand a topic such as morality through allowing as many of ones feelings as possible to speak about it, Janaway shows that Nietzsche seeks to enable us to feel differently: his provocation of the readers affects helps us grasp the affective origins of our attitudes and prepare the way for healthier values such as the affirmation of life (as tested by the thought of eternal return) and the self-satisfaction to be attained by `giving style to ones character`. 

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Oxford UP, 2009, pap, 296 pp, , ISBN: 9780199570850.

G. Graham

The Re-enchantment of the World. Art versus Religion

The Re-enchantment of the World is a philosophical exploration of the role of art and religion as sources of meaning in an increasingly material world dominated by science. Gordon Graham takes as his starting point Max Weber's idea that contemporary Western culture is marked by a 'disenchantment of the world' -- the loss of spiritual value in the wake of religion's decline and the triumph of the physical and biological sciences. Relating themes in Hegel, Nietzsche, Schleiermacher, Schopenhauer, and Gadamer to topics in contemporary philosophy of the arts, Graham explores the idea that art, now freed from its previous service to religion, has the potential to re-enchant the world. In so doing, he develops an argument that draws on the strengths of both analytical and continental traditions of philosophical reflection. The opening chapter examines ways in which human lives can be made meaningful as a background to the debates surrounding secularization and secularism. Subsequent chapters are devoted to painting, literature, music, architecture, and festival with special attention given to Surrealism, 19th-century fiction, James Joyce, the music of J. S. Bach and the operas of Wagner. Graham concludes that that only religion properly so called can enchant the world, and that modern arts ambition to do so fails. 

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Oxford UP, 2007, geb, 199 pp, ISBN: 9780199265961.

A. Mittleman

Hope in a Democratic Age. Religion, Politics, and Liberal Society

How and why should hope play a key role in a twenty-first century democratic politics? Alan Mittleman offers a philosophical exploration of the theme, contending that a modern construction of hope as an emotion is deficient. He revives the medieval understanding of hope as a virtue, reconstructing this in a contemporary philosophical idiom. In this framework, hope is less a spontaneous reaction than it is a choice against despair; a decision to live with confidence and expectation, based on a rational assessment of possibility and a faith in the underlying goodness of life. In cultures shaped by biblical teaching, hope is thought praiseworthy. Mittleman explores the religious origins of the concept of hope in the Hebrew Scriptures, New Testament, rabbinic literature and Augustine. He traces the roots of both the praise of hope, in Jewish and Christian thought, and the criticism of hope in Greco-Roman thought and in the tradition of philosophical pessimism. Arguing on behalf of a straightened, sober form of hope, he relates hope-as-a-virtue to the tasks of democratic citizenship.Without diminishing the wisdom found in tragedy, a strong argument emerges in favour of hope as a way of taking responsibility for the world. Drawing on insights from scriptural and classical texts, philosophers, and theologians - ancient and modern, Mittleman builds a compelling case for placing hope at the centre of democratic political systems. 

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Oxford UP, 2009, geb, 298 pp, ISBN: 9780199297153.

J.M. Fischer

Our Stories: Essays on Life, Death, and Free Will

In this collection of essays on the metaphysical issues pertaining to death, the meaning of life, and freedom of the will, John Martin Fischer argues (against the Epicureans) that death can be a bad thing for the individual who dies. He defends the claim that something can be a bad thing for an individual, even if he never experiences it as bad (and even if he does not any longer exist). Fischer also defends the commonsense asymmetry in our attitudes toward death and prenatal nonexistence: we are indifferent to the time before we are born, but we regret that we do not live longer. Further, Fischer argues (against the immortality curmudgeons, such as Heidegger and Bernard Williams), that immortal life could be desirable, and shows how the defense of the (possible) badness of death and the (possible) goodness of immortality exhibit a similar structure; on Fischer's view, the badness of death and the goodness of life can be represented on spectra that display certain continuities. Building on Fischers previous book, My Way, a major aim of this volume is to show important connections between issues relating to life and death and issues relating to free will. More specifically, Fischer argues that we endow our lives with a certain distinctive kind of meaning, an irreducible narrative dimension of value, by exhibiting free will. Thus, in acting freely, we transform our lives so that our stories matter. 

 euro 52,-                        BESTEL

Oxford UP, 2009, geb, 192 pp, ISBN: 9780195374957.